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The television show from 1998-1999 starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen!


The television show was Mary-Kate and Ashley's first television show that was central to them. It's about a single father, Kevin Burke (Sieber), who is a college professor living in Chicago with his two pre-teen daughters (Mary-Kate Burke and Ashley Burke) who are total opposites.

Then, his 26 year old freshman student, Carrie Moore (Wheeler), who has come late to college after exploring the world is quirky, different, beautiful, quick to speak her mind, and answers the part-time babysitting ad from Kevin, who is nothing but trouble, but is the girl's dream babysitter. After setting up their original babysitter with an older man, the two girls get Carrie as their babysitter and join forces to make chemistry between their father and quirky baysitter, who seems to drive him crazy in all the right ways.

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Two Of A Kind 01 Putting Two N Two Together

Two Of A Kind 01 Putting Two N Two Together

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Two of a kind

The Cast of 'Two of a Kind.' From left to right: Sally Wheeler (Carrie Moore), Ashley Olsen (Ashley Burke), Christopher Sieber (Kevin Burke), Mary-Kate Olsen (Mary-Kate Burke)

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