It's a Twin Thing
It's a twin thing book
The First Diary

Publication Date:

January 6, 1999



Written by:

Judy Katschke

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How to Flunk Your First Date

It's a Twin Thing is the first diary of the Two of a Kind Diaries.


The school year is coming and Mary-Kate and Ashley are so excited! Ashley will meet some boys and get some school shopping done. Mary-Kate will get to play basketbal,l but on the first day of school their father tells them that someone new is coming into their lives. He told them that he was going to hire an old lady next door to watch them and they get totally embarrassed! They need a babysitter! No Way! They have to get ride of her! But, then they find this perfect babysitter! Carrie Moore! She was just their type! Platform shoes and fingernail polish and last but not least, the cool clothes! They had to get rid of the old lady! And How? It's A Twin Thing!

More InformationEdit

This book in the series is based off of the first episode of Two of a Kind, Putting Two N Two Together.