How to Flunk Your First Date
How to flunk your first date
The Second Diary

Publication Date:

February 1999



Written by:

Megan Stine

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It's a Twin Thing

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The Sleepover Secret

How to Flunk Your First Date is the second diary in the Two of a Kind Diaries.


Ashley is so jealous. Mary-Kate has a new math tutor and he's totally cute! The problem is, Mary-Kate couldn't care less about cute. Her math lessons are making her miss basketball practice and that means she won't be able to play in the big game! So Mary-Kate and Ashley decide to switch places. Now Ashley is working on fractions with the tutor and tyring to ask him out, while Mary-Kate is working on her jump shot and covering up her lacking skills in math. But can they fool everyone long enough to still get what they want?

More InformationEdit

This book is based off of the third episode of Two of a Kind, The Tutor. The second episode of Two of a Kind, Prelude to a Kiss, aired prior to The Tutor, but the events of the Tutor took place before Prelude to a Kiss. The next book, The Sleepover Secret, is based off of Prelude to a Kiss.